Dan Schlack’s Solitary Ride

Kairos Counseling Center – Raising Awareness

Dan Schlack has been a member of the Kairos Counseling Center Board of Directors for the past 5 years.   On August 14th Dan plans to ride approximately 140 miles from Elgin, IL, to the Mississippi River to raise awareness and money for the Kairos Counseling Center.

Dan will begin his ride at the organization’s office located in Elgin, IL and make his way through cities, towns, villages in the counties of Kane, Dekalb, Lee, and Whiteside until he reaches his final destination along the Mississippi River.

Dan is a computer programmer/analyst, who enjoys the freedom of cycling and the artistry of being an avid videographer / film editor.

Dan’s bike ride is about an organization, in its 41st year of providing counseling services to individuals, couples, and families; many of which pay a reduced rate as they cannot afford the $140 cost per session. Dan has supported and served the organization for over five years and will ride on August 14th to raise $2,500 to enable Kairos Counseling Center to continue to provide quality, affordable counseling services to further help people through life’s rough patches.

The reason for today’s journey is about, Cyndi, a young woman Dan met in his youth whose rough patches were dark and frightening. Though medication could keep the terror at bay, it came at a terrible price. For Cyndi could not bear the medications side effects or its lasting darkness and was hospitalized on several occasions. Ultimately, due to mental health program cuts, Cyndi was released without a prescriptive course of action. Afraid of all alternatives, abandoned, and alone, Cyndi took her own life.

As Dan puts it “No one who needs help to face their demons, whether big or small, should ever be left alone. Though Cyndi did not have access to the Kairos Counseling Center, many in need of counseling services do. The organization is there to help others, like Cyndi, through life’s rough patches.”

If you wish to support Dan’s solitary ride to raise awareness and/or money for the Kairos Counseling Center, call 847-742-5717.  If the automated operator answers, please Press 4 and leave a message with your telephone # and we will get back to you.