Jim Otepka

After 30 years of work with Kairos Jim has retired from his position with Kairos. At his retirement dinner on the 28th of September the Kairos Board honored Jim with the following resolution:


James R. Otepka

Kairos Family Center, Inc.

WHEREAS, James R. Otepka has served as a therapist at Kairos Family Center, Inc. since 1982, demonstrating sound clinical practice and strong leadership throughout his
tenure; and

WHEREAS, He has pioneered and worked tirelessly to establish Kairos Family Center as a quality and unique not for profit counseling center emphasizing a no wait policy.

WHEREAS, He has served with distinction as an ambassador for Kairos Family Center through providing state of the art family and individual counseling.

WHEREAS, As a testament to Jim Otepka’s leadership, the Board is forever grateful for his advice and wisdom with regard to the recruitment of excellent and dedicated staff members thus assuring a bright future.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Board of Directors of Kairos Family Center expresses its sincere gratitude to James R. Otepka for his longstanding, unwavering leadership and loyal service to Kairos Family Center, Inc.

This the 28th day of September 2012

John Ellison, President                                 Dan Schlack, Secretary